Friday, December 12, 2008

Input Requested

This morning, my mind is aflutter with ideas, thoughts and questions about this endeavor. And, I hope you will share your opinion as I plan what the next step is!

Some thoughts:

~ Shipping just about knocked me out during this last sale. I would go to the post office twice for each package and this accumulated to LOTS of trips since payments did not come in steadily but in trickles. Any suggestions?

Here are my dilemma's on shipping:
- I want to keep it low.
- I want to charge you only what it costs.
- I have three small children and all these trips to the post office are time consuming and difficult.
- I have no way of knowing which combination of items any one person will buy - which makes it hard to calculate in advance.
- Would a flat rate shipping based on amount be appropriate?

~ Format: a few of you mentioned that scrolling through the list of items was tedious. Would it be easier for me to set this up on etsy and have a gallery of pix you could click on and look at? The advantage to etsy for me is that it would not require a separate step in billing - what do you think?

~ Billing: This time around, I sent out invoices in Pay Pal or accepted checks through the mail. This worked out fine, it was a bit labor intensive, but again if I move it all over to etsy - that will be taken care of. I am pretty sure I can still accept checks that way as well. Thoughts?

Other constructive comments or advice? Thanks - I have started my stash of goodies for the next sale already and am looking forward to working on those things and fixing them up for you!!