Friday, November 21, 2008


A big huge thank you to everyone who made yesterday such a big success for the first day of The Rusty Robin!!

Due to the unique nature of these items (thrift store finds revamped!) I am not able to recreate many of them easily!

However, there were lots of extra requests for the wool dryer balls and the Names of Jesus garlands. These two I can do easily.

I do not have any more of the little tins that the garlands were in (thrift store find) but would happily make more garlands for a reduced price.

Wool Dryer Balls: $3 each
Names of Jesus garlands: $6 each

Thank you again for your wonderful support and encouragement!!

UPDATE: Again, thanks for all the wonderful orders! I am going to close orders until I can get caught up on the ones I already have! Thank you!!


Davonne said...

How should the name of Jesus garland be stored?

Do you offer a discount for bulk orders (and how many would you consider bulk)?

I love those garlands so much!

MyLittle said...

My goodness girl! Look at you! Look at all those sold items! Wow!

Lola said...

I would also like to order a names of Jesus garland. You can contact me at laurasnyder2109 at cox dot net.

And congratulations of the great sale!

Debbi Dutton said...

Hi Monica.

I would love one of your Names of Jesus garlands. It would be a great addition to my Christmas decorations! Let me know what info you need from me.

Good job on all of your creations. They are truly creative and beautiful. I enjoyed browsing yesterday!


Christi said...

Monica - I desperately want one of the red stripe w/green check aprons for my mother for Christmas. She has specifically requested an apron, and I would love to present her with one of yours!

Can you email me (leachfamily4 (at)bellsouth(dot)net?


shiloh said...

I would love the garland and a wool dryer ball!

Lea said...

I'd love 2 Names of Jesus Garland if you could have them finished by the 15th of Dec. let me know mode of payment

Anonymous said...

I would love to order two garlands as well.
Thank you:)